You are loved.

​I can only do as far as hold your hand

But to hold mine back is your decision to make
I can only say so much to let you realize that you are loved

But it’s for your heart to believe, to accept, to claim
I can only try so much to be part of your world

But to realise my essence is for you to say
I am only someone who wants you to be happy and safe

But to earn it all depends on you, my friend.

Christmas Season

Happy September! 

Indeed, the -ber months is here.  Without exaggeration, there’s a change in the air especially tonight, on the first day of September.  It’s colder and there’s that familiar scent of Christmas that makes me feel good and hopeful of the remaining days of the year.

However, I mean it when I say December 2013 feels like yesterday.  Goodness!  I thank God for today, for this year, even though there are struggles.  Cheers to life and for Christmas!

♥ Milan

Internet Detox


Tomorrow, August 22, until August 30, I will not use the internet.  This one is a difficult challenge.  I haven’t even set my mind on it yet.  But I know I have to do it.  For as much as I want to remain unmoved, in a negative way, by all these genius I see and read and follow online, it’s not just possible.  Or is it?  If you know of ways, I’d be so glad to hear that out.  

Anyway, my goal for this detox is of course, to remove the ‘toxins’ in my ‘system’ brought by all the internet consumption I’ve had in Santa knows how long.  I hope the time would be enough and I hope that for the length of it, I’ll discover truths within me that can make me feel better about myself and to find my ground again in the midst of all these things in the internet and social media.  With that, I bid you a temporary goodbye.

All izz well!

PS. This space feels like home to me right now.


Why You Can’t Lose Faith

Photo by Free People

Photo by Free People

To be human is to lose sight of the good things one way or another.  We aren’t perfect and our faith may falter.  Yes, we have different ways of perceiving a bigger thing or presence other than ourselves.  And yet, when the adversity is right in front of you, worry and the scent of defeat can get the better part of you.

What I’m about to say does not come easy.  It takes time to master the art of keeping faith no matter what happens.  It would take courage to believe that life will eventually turn out best for you.  It would require a kind of faith that can only be attained after countless times of being tested and yet, emerge victorious and stronger than ever.

But I think you can’t afford to lose faith once you attain this strong belief that your life situation will eventually get better.  You may be at your lowest now, with no hope and solution in sight.  But when in your heart, you find that faint beat of faith, that’s all it takes. That’s all it would take for you to carry on to another day.  It doesn’t matter whether you still can’t see a way out of your misery.  At least you have faith.

You can’t lose faith because when the day comes that all suffering’s gone and your life is at its peak, all that’s left to do is look back and be proud of yourself for never giving up.  Because if you lose hope now and succumb to failure, how could you ever get to the better days?

As I see it, my friend, you can’t afford to lose faith, now and always.




I think of all the people I look up to whether I know them personally or the ones I follow online.  Some of them do silly things, they get to have a lot of fun, they smoke, drink and party hard.  However, why is it that I get disappointed by others who do the same things?  I realized it lies in their values.  I look up to those people who know how to have fun and yet holds their ground seriously for what they stand for.  They are ethical.  They are not malicious.  They are dignified individuals.  And these people really get to me and pick me up every time to do my best and carve my own definition of self that I can be proud of wherever I go and no matter whom I deal with.


This is a come back!!!

Hello, whoever you are who’s seriously taking time to read this post.

I just want you to know that this post is screaming with…



Well, I know you can’t feel it but I’m so desperate right now to post something out here.  This blog that’s been sleeping for four months now.  Creative juices seem to be gone, hopefully not for good.  I need you.

I know I have no solid followers by now and it’s sad but not super sad.  I really just have to release some tension and insanity flowing through my system right now. Hehehe.