The Chase for A

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

For the last couple of months I have been seriously thinking about starting my own clothing line.  No, it’s not supposed to be big.  First, I have no scholarly background in design and arts.  All I know, which some of you might already know, is that I do crochet.  But sewing?  Well, aside from our home economics subject in grade school, there’s really nothing else to brag about.  If that subject is even one to consider.

I have actually made a dress already out of old blankets with my mother’s 90s-something Singer sewing machine.  But the thing is that first attempt had no follow-up for a month already.  What’s going on every single day is a polarity of self-doubt and positive thoughts.  I don’t know when I’ll go buy that fabric and really start sewing, not even to say selling.

This week I started watching lecture videos in a free course I’m enrolled at  Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies.  And the speaker, Dr. James Green, mentioned that one entrepreneurial mindset involves a need for achievement.  That made me wonder.  And I have to agree.  At 22, I feel like I haven’t achieved anything important in my life so far.  I feel like I haven’t made a positive impact on anyone else’s life.  I don’t feel like I’m doing anything that’s of great value.

So here goes my chase after A.  The ride isn’t always a hundred percent proud of its course.  There are days when I’m just so down for something that haven’t materialized yet in anyway.  Days when I’m crippled by my worries and inexperience in the field.  But there’s that tiny spark that saves me in some other days.  That little thing that ignites my spirit one more time and make me say out loud “Push!” because there’s something good in what I’m doing.

But for all I know, this chase isn’t just about the goal to establish a business from scratch.  It’s more about that longing to feel that I have something logical, practical and effective to share with others.  Something that I can introduce alongside me when meeting new people.  Something that I could be proud of because I am good at something, at that thing.  A statement that defines one aspect of me.


6 thoughts on “The Chase for A

  1. Go for it! Pick up those needles, stab your fingers, ride that sewing machine, and touch all those fabrics in that store and grasp the one that feels best. No more lack of follow-ups. Finish every piece you do. Good luck and you have a lot of hard work in front of you if you so choose 🙂

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